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Fit young dad, 33, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer despite never smoking

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A healthy young father has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at just 33 — despite never smoking and regularly playing sports.

Zak Gleeson visited the doctor about a pain in his back but was referred to hospital.

Tests showed cancer cells were in the dad’s lungs and bones.

The kitchen and bathroom fitter, who played football every week and loved going to the gym, has now started a two-month course of chemotherapy but has told medics he doesn’t want to know how long he has left.

Zak, from Torquay, Devon, remains a doting father to Layla-Mae, who turned one last month.

Zak’s childhood friend Dave Kendall has now set up a crowdfunding campaign to support his family on JustGiving, where donors quickly raised £20,000.

On the page, Dave wrote: “Zak is a cherished son and brother, adored daddy, loving partner and the best friend anyone could ever wish for. He is simply loved by all.

“Zak has been in the hospital for the last week fighting immense pain and horrendous sickness, never moaning or complaining. Zak is far too ill to ever return to work and resume his ordinary life he once had.

“In more recent years Zak met and fell in love with Lois.

“A devoted daddy and committed partner, Zak ‘s goal was to set up family life, he started working with Lois’ dad.

“A love story shattered, a family torn and an innocent little girl robbed of her daddy.”

Donors left messages of support on the JustGiving page.

One wrote: “All my love is being sent to you Lois & Zak and all the family! Stay strong and we will 100% raise all this money for you.”

Another wrote: “Such a tragic and heart-breaking situation. No child should be left without a parent.”

Another donor said: “So very very sad. Sometimes life is so cruel. Stay strong.”

A boxing event has also been organized to add to the fundraising effort for the family at the Foundry in Torquay on November 25.

The above post is reprinted from materials provided by:  Mirror News

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